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Mambo is a Wedding photographer that has one goal of following his dreams and capturing all the beautiful memories that happen around us on a day to day basis.
based in England and Thailand, Mambo has spent the last 9 years building a portfolio which expresses his love for photography, including traveling around to experience what the rest of the world has to offer. Mambo will travel where ever his job takes him as he can find opportunity in everything he does. (From Thailand to Nga Trang : Vietnam , Singapore , Bali : Indonesia , England and Kenya).

With a passion for shooting weddings and family photographs, Mambo takes great pleasure in sharing someones happiness and helping them build memories that they can share and cherish for generations to come.

Mambo’s favorite part of his job is getting to know the customers on a personal level. One of his most memorable memories was, shooting a family portrait and then meeting the very same family 4 years on as they’ve returned for a holiday and another shoot with Mambo. Only this time they had an extra addition to the family and the other children where all grown up. Mambo did not realize that doing photography was going to help him build friendships from around the world, but is truly grateful that it does.

During each wedding I look for stories and genuine emotions. I not only capture your joy, happiness and laughter, but also your deepest feeling and tears. I will consult and work closely with you and your planner from an early stage to assure that your special day will be captured as you desire.

If you think my photography suits your style, please leave me a message giving me a glimpse of your story.


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